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Backyard Chickens Startup

How To Start, Run And Grow A Mini Chicken Firm In Your Own Backyard On A Budget

I have been growing chickens in my backyard for last 27 years. But only in the last ten years, I have noticed more and more people are getting interested about growing their own mini chicken firm in their backyard. When I ask them why. Most say it is because they want fresh eggs and meat that are free of antibiotics and hormone. It was last year when I helped a physician and his family get started in backyard chicken growing; in that process I found out something that can be scary to everyone. As usual I asked him why he wanted his mini chicken firm, his reply was “to stay alive,” that answer was rather unusual, and I figured he meant it as a general statement. But he didn’t.

He explained that he works as one of the lead scientist working on Cancer. According to their research, they see one the leading causes of cancer, obesity, diabetes and some infections that are becoming an epidemic in the western counties are from the high amount of antibiotics and hormone in meat, egg, and poultry.

Any of you reading this, I am sure you too know someone who is suffering from one of those four diseases. Though this book is not about how to cure those diseases, but I wanted to mention what this doctor had told me, so in the event, you are still on the fence about whether or not to get started with this project, maybe this will give you enough reasons to get started today.

I was asked to write a book on how to grow backyard chickens but I never got around to it. Honestly, I can write a few lines here and there but let’s face it; I am not a writer, nor an author. The longest thing I ever wrote after school was a letter to my wife when she was away for 4 months and that was years ago. If it wasn’t for my daughter who loves to write, this book would not have been possible.

I know there are many books out there on this very topic, and I looked at a few, but I realized some of them were written by people who most likely never touched a live chicken in their whole life. Folks, researching and learning a subject entirely from Google is fun, and yes, it will give you enough material to even write a book about it. But without first-hand experience of actually growing a few chickens in your own backyard, that book would be all “hearsay.”

In my 27 years of growing chickens, I have seen it all, faced it all, and in this book I share the knowledge with you.

After Reading This Book, You Will Learn:

  • Pros And Cons Of Having Backyard Chickens
  • Answer The 7 Questions To Find Out If Backyard Chickens Are Right For You Or Not
  • 7 Must Follow Tips To Get Started On The Right Track
  • The Legal Aspect Of Raising Chicken In Your Backyard.
  • The Cost Of Starting A Backyard Chicken Project
  • What Supplies And Equipment You Will Need
  • Should You Go With Free Range Or Penned Chicken?
  • Chicken Coop Requirements
  • Step By Step Planning For The Perfect Chicken Coop
  • What Are The Proper Coop Maintenance Steps?
  • What Kind Of Chicken Breed To Get Started With
  • How Many Chicken To Get Stated With
  • 21 Familiar Chicken Breed And Their Pros And Cons
  • Hatching And Raising Baby Chicks To Chickens
  • Pros And Cons Of Hatching
  • Step By Step Process On Hatching With A Broody Hen
  • Step By Step Process On Hatching With An Incubator
  • How To Pick The Right Incubator
  • How To Raise Baby Chicks
  • Proper Diet And Feed
  • How To Make Your Own Chicken Feed
  • How To Make Tasty Chicken Treats
  • What And How To Do Proper Chicken Health Care
  • Common Disease And Treatments
  • How To Do Proper Sanitation And Proper Manure Management

And so much more…

Good luck and enjoy!

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