Raising Chickens Basics

Basics of Raising Chickens

As recently as a few generations ago the practice of raising chickens in order to provide eggs and meat for your family was a fairly common one in rural, suburban, and even some urban areas of the country. The site of a chicken coop out behind a home with a flock of hens pecking around in the yard was a common one. Gradually, though, we became more dependent on groceries stores for our food as our population increased and neighborhoods became more crowded.

Now we have come full circle as many people are returning to organically grown food for our families and searching for fresh “farm to table” sources within our own communities for produce, meats and dairy products. In our desire to return to the basics our family, to our surprise, has become trendsetters as we turned to keeping chickens. The truth is that my whole family has discovered that keeping chickens is something we really enjoy. It’s a lot of fun to watch our chickens and the things they do. The children are learning to respect and love animals as well as take responsibility for their care and well-being. The chickens give back by providing eggs and fertilizer. It’s a win-win for all of us.