Chicken Coop Waterers

Chicken Coop Waterers

Keeping your chicks in tip top shape means making sure they get plenty of nutritious food and have a constant supply of clean, fresh water. While feedings can be performed on a regular schedule that works for you, chicks and chickens need unlimited access to water. Keeping your chickens well hydrated will help you raise healthier, stronger, happier chickens and a chicken coop waterer will make the job a snap.

Designed to give your flock unlimited access to water, chicken coop waterers are available in a variety of styles and sizes so you can make your selection based on your coop’s dimensions and the size of your brood. Here are just a few commonly used waterers to keep your clutch clucking and happy.

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Hanging Poultry Waterers

These hanging poultry waterers are designed to accommodate a variety of birds that range in height from the tiniest newly hatched chicks to the tallest cock of the walk. Completely adjustable, you can hang the waterer to the height that works best for your peep. Once you have the fountain mounted at your preferred height, hook it right up to the water hose and your brood will enjoy fresh, flowing water while you enjoy not having to lug heavy buckets of water to the coop every day.

Double Metal Wall Water Poultry Waterer

Providing a constant flow of water controlled by vacuum, these double walled, insulated galvanized metal waterers keep water fresh, clean, cool and completely accessible. Heavy duty galvanized steel will hold up to years of use and many of these watering devices feature a cone shaped top to prevent your lovelies from roosting atop the cool metal surface. Edges are rolled to prevent your precious peeps from getting scratched and brass valves and rubber seals coupled with leak proof seams mean your chicks will enjoy a fresh flow of water whenever they want it. These fountains are usually manufactured in 2 and 5 gallon sizes so you can keep a small clutch or an entire brood hydrated and happy.

Plastic Water Poultry Waterers

Made from extremely durable polyethylene, these plastic waterers are light weight, dent resistant and easy to fill and carry. A vacuum seal cap provides an automatic water flow so your birdies can enjoy clean, fresh, cool water anytime they need to wet their whistles. These waterers are an easy and inexpensive way to keep your flock well watered and come in a variety of sizes.

Use this guide to help you select a chicken waterer that will keep your chickens happily clucking and reduce the time and effort you spend hauling water to and from the coop.