Best Place for a Chicken Coop

Places to Put a Chicken Coop

Figuring out places to put a chicken coop means planning ahead accordingly. You need to prepare for what may happen in the future, as you may originally build a chicken coop designed for a couple of chickens, and end up needing to expand it to accommodate a sudden dozen! The location needs to be easy to access in order to keep it hygienic, and you need to consider a few vital factors that play a major role in choosing the ideal chicken coop location. As long as these needs are fulfilled, you can place your coop in just about any location outside your home.

Contrary to popular belief, chickens do not need grass to be happy in their coops. Wild chickens originally evolved from their habitats in woodland and tall grassy areas. They will only dig and eat at a lawn when it is all that is available for them to eat, or if they are interested in digging in the ground below to try and find worms. This means that you should avoid putting your chicken coop on your garden, because your grass will be gone in just a few days. Once you get past this limitation, however, you will be able to set your coop in any number of places around your home. Even if you do not plan on putting the coop on grass, there are still a lot of things that you need to stay on top of to make sure that your chickens are well taken care of.

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When you first prepare your coop, a lot of the planning involves considering dangerous factors that could harm your chickens and make them uncomfortable. First and foremost, you need to make sure that your future coop will be able to provide protection for your chickens from wild animals. This means both dogs and foxes, as both can harm chickens if you are not careful. Sunlight and shade will also play a vital role in keeping your chickens safe. You will need to have plenty of areas dedicated to both shade and sunlight, so as to provide your chickens with a more complete environment. You can also buy chicken coops for reasonable prices on Amazon.

Windy weather is never good for your chickens either, so be sure to shelter them from prevailing winds if you live in certain environments. Make sure that you provide your chickens with plenty of shelter from cold droughts as well. Icy weather is always a pressing concern, so make sure that your coop can be in a shelter place to help break the winds and reduce the cold. Finally, one of the most important things that you will need to be able to do is access your chicken coop easily in order to collect the eggs and check on your chickens.

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Finally, consider having your coop in easy view from your house. Visibility is important in making sure that there are no sudden emergencies that could occur without your immediate attention. You will also be able to hear your chickens better, and if you hear a squalling cry, then you will know that you need to dash out to your garden to check on your chickens. Consider some of the following locations that you can use for your coop, and think about the advantages that come with each.

Chicken Coops by Fences

Having your coop along a fence is one of the most advantageous ways to install it. You can make the fence an active part of the coop itself, so long as there is wire netting that can be dug into the ground to prevent foxes from digging in. The fence can also be a very good way to break wind and protect your chickens while providing them with shade at the same time. Depending on how you install your coop, you can provide your chickens with a little bit of rain shelter as well, creating a strategic coop to suit their needs.

Chicken Coops Underneath Trees

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Some of the most recommended places for chicken coops can also be underneath trees. Trees provide some of the same basic types of protection as fences, including shade, strategic sunning spots, and protection from many of the elements. They can also be very decorative, but owners will need to practice a little bit of extra care as well. Foxes can climb trees and jump into the coop, so be sure to protect against such invasions. Because of how many bugs can live around the trees and bark, your chickens will have additional snacking opportunities to enjoy.

Sheds as a Chicken House

Garden coops, after a few adjustments, can be a great way to keep your chickens safe. Make sure that you change the area up to suit your chickens, including low areas for them to enjoy, while maintaining your mobility. While lower coops can be better for the chickens, it will be much more difficult to clean the area up. Think about how you can make find places to put a chicken coop that will be more comfortable for your chickens, and be sure to implement enough sanitation measures to prevent the messes from becoming too difficult to deal with.

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