LOVATIC Poultry Water Nipple – Chicken Nipple with Horizontal Side Mount – Chicken Water Drinker

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IMPROVED MATERIAL — Made from ABS plastic material, the horizontal side mount is stronger and thinker so that the chicken nipple is more durable to provide always-fresh water to your flock, keep water free of dirt and droppings. The poultry nipple is suit for chicken, ducks, quail and others.
NO MORE LEAKAGE — By following our installation guidline, you will be no longer to worry about leaking with chicken water drinker. This is very quick and simple way to keep poultry watered. It work perfectly for chickens aged 2 weeks and older. It is recommended to use ONE poultry nipple for each of 5 chicken but just 4 in the hot seasons.
LONGER METAL PART — This is an ideal improvement to help your chicken quickly learn to drink from chicken nipples. Chicken drink from special valve which release water directly into chickens mouth when it packs at the valve. No more hanging your waterer and no more daily water bucket cleaning.



Do you know how Lovatic Poultry Nipples Work? Poultry nipples, sometimes called chicken nipples, are one-way valves that allow water to flow out, but don’t allow air or another materials to flow in. As a result, the chickens water supply can’t be contaminated by dirt and droppings. The Lovatic Poultry nipples operate as follows: When a chicken pecks at a stem on the bottom of the poultry nipple, it rises up and forms a gap between an interior wall of the nipple and the stem. This allows water to flow around the stem and out through the bottom of the valve. When a chicken withdraws it’s broken, the stem falls, closes the gap between the side wall of the poultry nipple and the stem, and shuts off the flow of water. The Lovatic poultry nipple chicken is designed for small-scale chicken keepers, but incorporates many of the benefits of large-scale commercial poultry watering systems. LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! The Lovatic Poultry Water Nipple is On Sale for a Limited Time Only! Being A Part Of Our Family By Clicking The ADD TO CART Button Right Now And Get Your Lovatic Poultry Water Nipple!

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