Incubator Warehouse AutoCoop LayLight – Automatic LED Daylight Extender Boosts Chicken Egg Production Price: $49.99 (as of 23/05/2019 14:08 PST- Details)

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AutoCoop LayLight Programmable Coop Light The LayLight is a high efficiency LED light for your chicken coop. This will provide the extra light your hens need to continue laying eggs into the Winter months. As daylight decreases, chickens naturally decrease the number of eggs they lay. To continue laying through the Winter months, they need a little extra light so their internal clock tells them to keep producing. This light also works to light up your coop on-demand if you need light at night. Need a timer light for another purpose? Also works great for sheds, barns or any other area where some light would be helpful. Features: Super bright, high efficiency, high output LED light Dispersing lens optimizes light distribution Easy-to-program timer (lots of programming options!) Easy to mount Simple plug-n-play set up Also includes manual on/off button on the timer for on-demand light Note: The LayLight is designed to be used inside your coop (or shed, barn, etc) where it will be kept from outside elements (rain and snow). It is not designed to be used outside the coop and exposed to all weather elements. Heat and cold are no problem. But water is a no-no. Also, the controller for the AutoCoop LayLight looks similar to the AutoCoop Door Opener. However, they are NOT interchangeable. The internal electronics are different.

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